1. Do I have to make a reservation to have a table?

Yes you have to make a reservation to get a table. $50 minimum consumption.
If you need a table for 10 people or more, we will ask you for an advanced payment of 50% to make sure the reserve

2. How can I make a reservation?
We accept reservations only by phone. You should indicate the amount of people and the arrival time.
Also, you can reserve by web or by our fan page in facebook. In all cases you must wait for our confirmation of your reserve

3. How long do you hold my reservation?
The reservation expires in 30 minutes.

4. Are children allowed?
Until midnight. Before midnight childrens are not allowed, even if they are with their parents

5. Can I go to the lessons just to watch?
Yes, you can come just to watch; anyway you have to pay the entry fee.

6. What should I wear for the milonga?
There is no dressing code, you can wear casual clothes.

7. Is there a wardrobe?
Yes, and it costs $20 a ($20)

8. What are the closing hours?
Tuesday 11.30pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 3.30 am, Friday and Saturday 6 am.

9. Is the restaurant to order or are there already prepared menues?
We have both options. There are menues including a starter, a main course and a dessert.
Our food is home-made, you can see more info here

10. How much cost the classes?
General admission will cost $120 .

How does the place work?
Since open time Viruta work as a restaurant and bar. On tuesday we have classes of salsa and later the practice.

Note: The restaurant is open only from Wednesday to Sunday. Also we are open on monday.
Monday and tuesday our kitchen only cook pizzas and empanadas. It´s not necessary to reserve a table.

There is also classes of Tango in the afternoon.

About the lessons

11. Do I need to attend classes with a partner?
No, you don’t need to have a partner; there are always plenty of people to practice with.

12. Do I have to book in advanced?
No, you don’t have to book in advanced to come to the lesson.

13. What should I wear for the lessons?
You should wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily, Women should wear a shoe that gives their ankles good support.
After your 10th lesson you have to come with shoes that can slide quite easily on the floor without gripping.

14. Do I have to pay per lesson?
The price includes all the night lessons.

15. Do you offer private classes? When?
Yes, for private classes you can arrange the day and the time, according to your availability.
Please contact us at 4774-6357

16. If I don’t know anything about tango, salsa, milonga or rock and roll can I attend the lesson?
Yes, because our lesson are suitable for all levels of dancers, and it’s divided into levels from elementary to advanced. They are taught simultaneously by different teachers.

17. Are there any bilingual teachers?
Yes they are.

18. Are there people of different ages?
Yes, there are heterogeneous groups of people, regarding age, sex, nationality etc.

19. Do I have to take lessons always on the same day?
Each lesson is unique. It could be taken separately; you can come on different days.

20. After how many lessons can I move from one level to the next?
We suggest to take 2 elementary lessons, 10 at the second level, and then, the teacher will tell you when to move to the next level, because it depends on your skills.

$120 La entrada incluye el ingreso a todas las actividades regulares del día (clases+práctica+shows). No incluye seminarios, festivales o actividades especiales fuera del horario habituales
Pagás mucho menos y disfrutás más!
La Cuponera cuesta $250 y consta de 4 entradas.
La Cuponera sirve para todas las clases* de Miércoles a Domingo.La Cuponera se adquiere una vez que ingresaste, al finalizar las clases y en la barra.
¿Es necesario reservar para tener una mesa? ¿Como se realizan las reservas? ¿Por cuanto tiempo se mantiene la reserva, desde la hora solicitada? Ir a preguntas preguntas frecuentes CLICK AQUÍ

0089-mobile blanco   (5411) 5263 2255  y     (5411) 47746357 4779 0030

Colectivos y medios de transporte que te acercan a La Viruta:

Paradas - Intersecciones donde bajar
Niceto Vega y Armenia / Cordoba y Armenia 168, 151, 140
Scalabrini Ortíz y Cabrera: 141, 106 (S. Ortíz y Córdoba), 15, 57, 110
Uriarte y Cabrera / Serrano y Cabrera: 55
Córdoba y Armenia: 140

Subte B: Bajar en estación Malabia (Malabia y Corrientes - 11 cuadras)
Subte D: Bajar en estación Scalabrini Ortíz (S. Ortíz y Santa Fe - 12 cuadras)